Obama’s "Change" and America

Why is everyone trying to change American history and values? Is that what Obama meant by “Change”? 

Lets face the facts, shall we.

America is a Christian nation built by christians on christian values. Seperation of church and state simply means that unlike England, the church is not the government. Freedom of religion simply means you can practice whatever you like without worrying about being persecuted. It does not mean we are a secular nation. Go to your history books. 

Obama’s change? Lets see, what has Obama done for us?
Obama promised jobs, instead we get the highest unemployment rates since the Depression. Promises relief, we get inflation. The corporations get huge tax cuts and refunds, without even filing. Whose getting the relief Obama?

For the first time in history it is illegal to worthy of suspension for students to carry Bibles into schools around the nation. College fraternities being told they cant form strictly christian frats. Children 8 yrs old are being cuffed for hate crimes against muslims for simply trying to play together on the playground. Muslims can freely bring the Qu’ran to school. Muslims can form strictly muslim frats. Even American judges are telling muslims in Florida they MUST follow Sharia and fatwas given by their imam despite the fact they came here to escape it. Is this the “Change” Obama promised?

We have constitutional rights to bear arms and freedom of speech. Obamas career is chock full of attempts to put an end to the 2nd Amendment and disarm America, including the military. His cabinet is also full of anti-constitution politicians. As for free speech, our right to free speech is there so well I could actually be viewed as a potential domestic terrorist or a threat simply by what ive said thus far, according to the Patriot Act. Under the Patriot Act over 90% of Americans are viewed as a threat to national security. Our freedom of speech exists so well, the CIA recently bought google.com simply because they have more information on any one person then the DoD. Now thats just sad. Our freedom of speech exists to the point, if you login to facebook right now and mention a protest or rally, in turn you get, say 30,000 fans in a few days, your page will be deleted and data on you handed to the authorities. Is this the “Change” Obama promised?

If you ask me, Obama can keep his “Change”. 

Yes, a minister just got political. Yes, a minister just gave his opinion to the world. Why? Ask Jesus. Its a ministers duty to do Gods work, to listen to God and only God. A proper minister is well rounded in history, politics, theology, geography, etc.

About Rev. Dr. Red
I'm the Founder and Sr. Pastor of Spiritual Messiah Ministries, Health Enthusiast, Fisherman, and Small Business Owner. I'm passionate about helping others any way I can. I hope to help as many as I can lead a happier, healthier, fulfilling life. This began with my ministry, and has since expanded into a complete wellness movement.

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