Islam in America

Muslims Must Become Americans of the Islamic Faith


Man did my blood pressure ever shoot up when I read this piece of aggravation that Newsmax published on Sunday (of all days) February 20, 2011 titled, “Extremist Cleric:  Time for Islamic State in America”.
My first thoughts were, “I think it’s time for Islams to get out of America and go back to the sand and flea pits that they came from.  We allow them to enter our country and the first thing you know is they want to take it over with their bloodthirsty and illiterate mindset of KILL, KILL, KILL.
“Go home you beasts; sure we have some intra-family squabbles here in this country, but we don’t behave as neanderthalic as you murderers posing as peace lovers do.  We have respect for our women and in many cases they are the heads of the family. Take your Sharia Law and vamoose.  We don’t need or want you to be telling us what to do in OUR home country.
“Just because that usurper in the White House goes around kissing the rings of some of your leaders, it doesn’t mean he speaks for the great majority of us.  Maybe some other misguided or deranged individuals would see it that way, but our uber ultra majority would put you on boats with a one way ticket to the sand dunes of Africa or west of the Nlle.”
Whoever it was that convinced this mentally impaired extremist Muslim cleric,  Anjem Choudary, that he had a right to commit to an Islamic state within the borders of the United States should be put in a cell at Guantanamo Bay along with Choudary where they can be “rehabilitated.”  How dare these disciples of evil and death come into OUR country with their hands out for alms and then make DEMANDS of us?  They should be transported on any vehicle of transport due eastward for at least 6,000 miles to the sandy plains of the Middle East.
They have no country of their own so they have to sponge on other peoples’ territories, just like a swarm of long-lost and unmissed mangy relatives who suddenly appear and want to build a campground in your back yard.  They should go back to where their forebears still reside or did dwell at one time.
They do not belong in the company of literate and caring people.  To just move in and demand to be accommodated and, even worse, to establish their own code of conduct and laws (Sharia) so they can kill to their heart’s content anyone who doesn’t conform to their rules is simply not an option.
Their laws and even their religious beliefs are that we Christians and Jews who abide here now, will eventually all have to be killed; presumptively, in their favorite and juicy method of lopping off heads and allowing them to roll in the dirt before they kick them like footballs.
Could that in any way, manner or form be determined to be sane conduct?  Is that not insanity in the worst degree?  And for that reason alone we should not allow these people to create their own communities within our communities.  In time they will claim autonomy for that area and they will become a sovereign entity not subject to any laws or rules of the United States and its Constitution.
We true American citizens, of whatever religious persuasions as may be present, neither can nor should accept these people as equals or as “peace-loving” because they just simply are not.  With them their only criterion for existence is to kill all others who are not exactly like them.
America is not the place for them.  We should tell minister Choudary or whatever his official title is, “No, you can not settle here if you expect to abide by your laws alone.  If you promise to completely and faithfully abide by our laws and the United States Constitution we will consider allowing you to assimilate yourselves into our communities.  But you will not be allowed to set up any boundaries for habitation of your kind only so as to create a de-facto community of your own.  That will be PROHIBITED AND ENFORCED.”
And further Mr. Choudary, you have been quoted as saying, “that Americans are the biggest criminals in the world today.”  It will be necessary for you sir, to completely disavow that statement in a very public setting with many of your clan of followers present before you personally are allowed residency in these United States.  We may be criminals in your eyes Mr. Choudary but you sir, are potential murderers in our eyes and we will not allow you to follow this tenet of your fanatical religion.
The world has seen within the past few weeks, the three major European countries of Great Britain, Germany and France declare that multiculturalism is a failure when attempted with these Islamic people who when banded together as a totally inclusive Islamic community are an invitation to the ruination of the host country which can not be allowed.
America, we must not let other than what I have stated above to be allowed to prevail in this matter.  I personally do not trust ANY ONE of these people who would go to any lengths to accomplish their missions, up to and including mass murder.
But as a country we all have to be vigilant and see that official American rules are established for these people in exception to our normal conduct with foreigners because of their histories of not being truthful with those not of their religious faith and the disasters they can wrought on a country.
We must stand firm America; to weaken our resolve will be to die.

Why is Anonymous misunderstood?

Why does everyone seem to mis-understand Anonymous? They are doing what so many of you are afraid to. They are standing up for whats right. They are giving a voice back to the people. When people commit crimes, are they not punished? Shouldnt governments and corporations also be punished when they break the law? Who decided they were above the law?

Everyday governments around the world and corporations are breaking the law. People have the right to know. Governments and corporations deserve to be punished for their crimes. They are not above the law. 

Nations all over the world are losing their freedom. Anonymous is helping get it back. Is that really so wrong?

Americas military isn’t fighting for the people anymore. Havent been for over 100 years. They buildup public support with propaganda and meaningless slogans to hide their real intentions. If the people cant rely on the military to protect their freedom, who can they rely on? Anonymous and themselves. It is time for the people to wake up to Truth. It is time to punish those who are evil. It is time to stand up and take our Freedoms back. Anonymous is helping do just that. 

Us at Spiritual Messiah Ministries support Anonymous. 

We are Anonymous. 
We are Legion. 
We do not Forgive. 
We do not Forget. 
Expect Us. 

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