Anti-Christian Movement Grows in Strength in the UK

Anti-Christian Movement Grows in Strength in the UK

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As an anti-Christian and anti-Christianity movement grows, in strength, in the United Kingdom – promoted so far – largely by the national media and the politicians, Christians are beginning to take stock and enact counter-measures; both in the interests of their own civil and religious liberties and for the conversion of sinners through the gospel having free course, as well as for the good and welfare of the wider society of which they are a part.
This anti-Christian movement has had a long start, however, stretching back to 1951, when medium-ship was de-criminalised; and it has received a very great impetus from the New Labour regime of Tony Blair in 1997; and, since then, from influential anti-Christian elements within the Coalition Government.  The effect of this anti-Christian movement has been wholly bad but Christians are beginning to wake-up to its true nature and impact upon both themselves and the wider society.
In the 1970s we had the Festival of Light and a few good movements arising from that time but we now have Christian Concern for Our Nation’s “Not Ashamed Day” launched a few weeks ago by Lord George Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury.   However, some “Church” groups seem to be in denial of this growing anti-Christianity.  One among them, led by Jonathan Bartley, of the Marxist “Think Tank” Ekklesia, has asserted that he, personally, has not found any evidence to back-up the claims of the Not Ashamed Campaign to the effect that Christians, as a group, are being systematically marginalised and persecuted in Britain.  Mr Bartley went on to assert that he has found evidence, however, of Christians misleading people and treating other Christians and those of other faiths, and those of no faith, in discriminatory ways.  Apparently it is Christians and Christianity which is to blame.  Christian Concern for Our Nation and the former Archbishop of Canterbury would clearly disagree with him on that. There can be little doubt that recent laws and legislative programmes have attacked Christian views and values and that, ultimately, they have Christians in their sights with a view to making it illegal, and a criminal offence, to preach the gospel of Christ to sinners (lest they be “offended”), which gospel is nevertheless the power of God to salvation for all who believe, and the foundation of our land.  That may not be the gospel according to Karl Marx but it is the genuine gospel according to Mark and the other gospel writers.
Islam, very clearly, wants to shut-up gospel preaching lest any of its devotees see the light and get converted.  The Homosexual Rights movement is another group that does not want its free and unfettered access to the glorification of sin spoiled, or infringed, by the claims of conscience and of truth.  They clearly wish to continue to wallow, quite literally, in their own dung.  But the claims of truth will win out in the end.  The Matrimonial Causes Act in the 1970s made it far too easy for spouses to walk out on their commitments, and take everything with them – including the matrimonial home, if they had the children – to the great undermining of stable marriages and home life.  It was all done on removing a fault basis for divorce and replacing it by the idea of “irretrievable breakdown”.  Surely this was against both the Christian view of wedlock and the good of society and all individuals, including children, within it.  It seems hardly right for groups claiming to be Christian, to try to pretend that the UK has not undergone a tremendous surge away from Christian views and values which is now manifesting itself in the suppression and persecution of Christian people themselves.
One major area, where Christians are undergoing marginalisation, is in manifesting their faith in their employment.  Here we are not talking about an “in your face” manifestation of their Christianity.  Such would not be appropriate or befitting in the work situation.  Christians go to work, to work, and not to use or abuse their work situation for verbal witness.  Of course they witness, in a silent way, but a very real and living way, by their life rather than by their lip: in the degree of how well they do their job and treat people, rather than in how well they speak forth their faith. However, Christians, as a group are being persecuted, quite viciously and disproportionately, for the odd or occasional and casual mention of their faith  by, say, the wearing of a cross or the odd comment about their faith, or prayer for others in need, who have asked for it, or consented to it.  In some cases, due to the new pro-sodomy laws, whole areas of child care have been systematically and ruthlessly closed down by a secularist state, intent on the persecution of Christian views and moral values in the public square.    The biggest example of this has been the closure of Roman Catholic adoption agencies for their principled stand in not agreeing to outsource their care, or adoption, to unnatural and depraved partnerships which, in effrontery to the creation ordinance (Genesis: 1: 27, 28; Genesis 2: 21-24), try to mimic and mock holy wedlock.
Often this persecution of the Church is done in the name of “Equality” but its real programme is to promote “Iniquity” as though everything is right – apart from Christianity, that is – and nothing is wrong.
None of us should be in denial of these things, including Mr Bartley:
“Fear none of those things which you shall suffer: behold the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that you may be tried; and you shall have tribulation ten days; be you faithful to death, and I will give you a crown of life”  (Revelation 2: 10, King James Version: Easy Reading.)

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