Bible Drive For Our Overseas Brothers And Sisters

We have been requests from ministries across Africa for assistance in obtaining KJV Bibles.

Between all requests, these are the totals:
75 Giant Print KJV Bibles
225 KJV Bibles (regular print)

In the requests they ask if additional Bibles or supplies can be given, to please do so.

We do not want to let our brothers and sisters down. However, on such a large order we cannot fulfill it alone. We ask you to please help our brothers and sisters of these international ministries by please sending any extra KJV Bibles you may have to:

Spiritual Messiah Ministries
PO Box 343
Crescent City, Fl 32112

We hope to have these Bibles together, shipped, and in the hands of our brothers and sisters in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you would like to help cover the cost of international shipping of these Bibles, please send a Postal Money Order (NO Western Unions, personal checks) in the amount you are capable of aiding with to:

Rev. Red Conrad
PO Box 343
Crescent City, Fl 32112

In the “memo” area of the Postal Money Order, write ‘Operation Bible’ so we know what the donation is for.

Or donate securely online via PayPal:
Make a Donation Button

Many of these Bibles are going to be sent to ministries in poor areas. In one case, the ministry lost their building and all contents therein due to a bad storm.

We are working with an affiliated ministry through the Spiritual Truth Coalition in Kenya to secure the delivery of these Bibles and make sure smugglers and criminals that sell Bibles largely over-priced dont intercept the packages.

Just as we are fighting here in America for our values and beliefs, so are many in other nations. Many have been victims of brutal attacks and church-burnings by Islamists. These attacks have not stopped them from congregating in the name of Christ and preaching His message. They have reached out to us for help, as they dont know who they can trust in their own nations.

Please help us put Bibles back in the hands of our Christian brethren overseas. If you can send just one KJV Bible or a few dollars to help in the shipping cost, it would be greatly appreciated.

We are a small ministry and cannot do this without your help. Please dont let your Christian brothers and sisters go without Gods Word.

Assistance from Christians and other Churches/Ministries would be of great help and appreciated. Please pass this on so we can get the Bibles to our brothers and sisters. Thankyou.

About Spiritual Messiah Ministries
We are based in Florida, but we also have satellite churches all over the country and international including nations such as UK, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Germany, Australia We officially opened our doors and launched April 6, 2011 and the Lord has truly blessed us. We are truly saving the lost and guiding them back home to God. We are greatly surprised in the speed of the expansion of our ministry. In less than a years time we have already gone international and began the establishment of "home churches" and "satellite churches".

8 Responses to Bible Drive For Our Overseas Brothers And Sisters

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  5. Tonaya Conley says:

    Hi Good day brother or sister in Christ . I have been approached by an Evangelist from Pakistan on my Facebook asking for bibles for his Orphanage he needs 50 I collected 60 . I’m disabled with an income cap, the shipping with ups is 700.00 and Dsl shipping is half that but don’t have one in my area My question is could I mail to you and your company send them cheaper? Im begging for you assistance, I believe the word of God can change the out come and a start for world peace.Hope and pray you could help, I’ll send them to you if so . Thank you for your time.


    • Rev. Dr. Red says:

      We would love to help, however certain things must be taken into consideration. Is the one asking legitimate, fraud is rampant. Our ministry takes serious care into looking into legitimacy of overseas requests as to not ourselves fall victim to supplying the black market and scams.

      Also, we don’t currently work with a ministry in Pakistan to safe guard delivery, but we will check with another ministry who may and may be able to help you in regards to your issue.

      Also, we ship via UPS. When shipping overseas, a ministry we work with recieves and delivers the order. We don’t ship ourselves nor do we operate a shipping company ourselves.

      As soon as we get word back from the other ministry, I’ll let you know what they said. Or you could email us at and we will forward the message direct so that the other ministry may get back to you personally.

      Thank you and God Bless.


      • Tonaya Conley says:

        Thank you.Grateful for your support,and response.God Bless.


      • Rev. Dr. Red says:

        The other ministry says their on a tight budget with a mission in Honduras. We’ll keep you posted of anything comes up. Likewise, we’d appreciate it if you let us know if you find a way before we do.

        God Bless


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