The Hidden Truth: Revelation Revealed

[This series is a sequel to the The Way Series]

What we are attempting to do is show the hidden, deeper meaning of statements and events stated in the Bible, truths hidden beneath the surface of statements and events written. For anyone to take this series as evidence that the Bible is fiction, has completely misunderstood the information stated throughout. There is archeological evidence that provides proof people in the Bible actually lived and events throughout the Bible actually took place. This series, as The Way Series, is to uncover the truth’s hidden from us for centuries, and help you become further grounded in your faith.

1) The Hidden Truth: The Bible And The Brain

2) The Hidden Truth: The Bible And The Pineal Gland

3) The Hidden Truth: Christ Within

If you have not already done so, it is recommended you read The Series in its entirety – from Part 1 Post 1 of ‘The Way’ through Post 3 of ‘The Hidden Truth’ to fully grasp what is being said here.

The ‘Book of Revelation’ is a book of the Bible that has many Christians wondering what was actually meant and trying to decipher the symbolism to determine where in the times we are and who exactly the AntiChrist is or will be. Many Christians, and non-Christians alike, make the same mistake with Revelation that they do with the rest of the Bible. It is seen as strictly literal, and doctrines are created to fit around this literal-only interpretation of the book. These doctrines are then seen as matter-of-fact, becomes accepted mainstream theology, and all other views are deemed heretical. The Christians who do this are either remaining in left-brain dominance, or are in a constant struggle between the left-brain and right-brain (with the left-brain winning much of the battles). Just as every other book of the Bible holds hidden meanings, so does the book of Revelation.

Revelation explains the struggles that happens within each of us, both physically and spiritually, as our inner-Christ rises to the pineal gland. The left-brain wants to remain dominant, and therefore will continue to attempt to stop us from achieving right-brain dominance.

The seven churches are representative of our attitude in the corresponding chakra. If we are not careful, the spiritual wisdom or enlightenment obtained through the chakra will be overcome by the feelings of the left-brain. If the left-brain thought processes take over our actions through the obtained enlightenment, we are doomed to lose it and have to begin the process over again. The loss of this enlightenment is symbolised by candlestick being removed from the church.

The seven seals represent the seven chakras. The book of life that contains seven seals on the backside is us. We are the book of life. The chakras rise through the spinal column, which is located in the middle of our back. These chakras are “sealed” in the sense that certain activities must take place in order to un-seal and activate the chakra and move onto the next. It is stated noone in earth (physical) or heaven (spirit) can open the seals except for Christ. This is because either side of us alone cannot activate the chakras, we need our inner-Christ to rise to each Chakra and activate it before moving onto the next. The end result is our lower self unites with our higher spiritual self and become one with ourself through our inner-Christ.

The happenings in Revelation chapters 6 and 7 describe the war that takes place in us as our left-brain tries to hold on to dominance as we become more enlightened and move into right-brain dominance. The earth is symbolic of our body. Those stated as escaping the great tribulation and have washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb are symbolic of those who achieved enlightenment and full activation of the pineal gland. The pineal gland is free-flowing in a pool of blood in the brain. To be washed with the blood of Christ is our inner-Christ rising to and activating the pineal gland.

The beast who rules during the ‘Great Tribulation’ is the left-brain. Our physical or carnal selves, our animalistic instincts, is not going to surrender to our higher-selves easily or willingly. Our left-brain is going to go into overdrive trying to cast fear and confusion over us. During this time, only the strong-willed will survive and be able to dominate the left-brain and overcome our animalistic instincts and worldly concerns.

In Revelation chapter 10, the mighty angel that roared as a lion is our higher-self. We need to cry out with a loud voice to over-shadow the voices of the left-brain. The inner-Christ cries out with a loud voice to over dominate the left-brain and get our 7 chakras to function in unity. The seven thunders are symbolic of our chakras.

The turmoil experienced by those who worship the beast is symbolic of what happens to us as we fall out of enlightenment. The higher we raise our inner-Christ, the more enlightenment we have, until we finally achieve activation of the pineal gland. This activation and recieving full enlightenment is what is referenced by the new earth and new heavens. Christ reigns forever and ever, once our inner-Christ activates the pineal gland we are in the new earth and new heavens. We don’t need to remember things because we’ll just know. At this level of enlightenment, the left-brain is conquered. Through this process, we change physically and spiritually. Those who worship the beast are those fall victim to their own doubts created by the left-brain. Their own fear and confusion takes a hold and they begin to fall. The inner-Christ begins to descend back down, as opposed to continuing to ascend to the pineal gland. Just as our bodies change physically during the ascension, healing itself and becoming healthier and stronger; it also changes during descension, falling back into the previous ailments had before the ascension.

The thousand year reign of Jesus is the brief amount of time we are completely right-brain dominant. Satan being let loose for a short while is symbolic of the left-brain attempting to regain dominance by casting doubts and confusion in our thoughts. Those who are strong-willed and able to conquer these thoughts of doubt and confusion by the left-brain are those who achieve the new earth and new heaven.

This is just an overview of the hidden meaning of Revelation. If you read Revelation with this information in mind, the rest should stand out to you. This information, as stated in Revelation, are for those who have eye to see and ear to hear. If you are unable to see where the above stated information fits, please read the entire series, the articles below in ‘further reading’, continue your research, and open your mind to the Holy Spirit.

Further Reading
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17 Responses to The Hidden Truth: Revelation Revealed

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  12. Peter Colenso says:

    Both the Bible and the Koran make it plain that a species lived on Earth before man got here. They were devils. They are called Jinn in the Koran and devils in our Bible. The Devils are talked of widely but it is never mentioned that they may have ruled the Earth before man got here. Did the devils live at Nod. Modern science says arrogantly that they just dont exist. But just say they are merely decieving us and are keeping their presence a secret. In 1997 I took on the Masons and I saw many things I cannot explain. The idea that devils are behind the Masons does explain what I saw. In witch craft devilish beings are said to participate. Jesus met a devil in the desert. Do devils exist ? Pete


    • Rev. Dr. Red says:

      Devils, demons, or whatever it is you want to call them do exist. But their existance isn’t the same as ours. They gain power from our fear of them and our ignorance towards them. If we educate ourselves of their existance, but keep from fearing them, they will essentially have no power over us and won’t bother us since they can’t affect us. If the entire population does this, they cease to exist. Their very existence depends upon our believing in and fear of them. This is why voodoo, hoodoo, and other demonic cults will attempt to make you believe in what they can do before putting a curse on you. It’s real, but if you don’t believe it and don’t fear it, it won’t affect you. Our minds are very powerful.


  13. Peter Colenso says:

    Why didnt I know this ? What else are not the Jews telling us Christians ? Ham had Cush and Cush went to Africa ? What ? Cush had Nimrod and today many Africans call themselves Cushites, what ? Pete


  14. Peter Colenso says:

    A Catholic priest gave me the book ‘Fatima and the Great Conspiracy’ I had never heard of such things that the book was about, it said the Roman Catholic Church saw Communism as pure evil and as the Fascists were fighting Communists Rome went on the side of Germany. I then photo copied p 69 of the book and handed out thousands of copies. The entire book is on the net. It also said free Masons were anti Christ and soon the Masons started following me. I was very scared and a very tall red haired man about 7′ met me at some busy traffic lights. He felt welcoming and he said he was a knights Templar. My photo copies had introduced me into a world i should not have gone. Pete


  15. Kevin butler says:

    I feel like my mind opening has changed meaning of life I never read to Bible it like information is already there. I feel that I have a bigger purpose in life at some point. I really don’t know details but I know it’s postive and me helping save people and let them know the truth and more to life. I know I got to be patient and wait. God bless. Kb.


    • Rev. Dr. Red says:

      I’m glad our work is helping you. God is preparing many of us for the times ahead. If you ever get stuck, or need someone to talk to, reach out to us.

      There is great things ahead for you. Keep following the path God put you on.

      God Bless.


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