SMM/RDRM Donation Shop

The SMM/RDRM Donation Shop offers a variety of different products, ranging from KJV Bibles to Shirts and Hats to Mugs to phone cases for select phone models. Seasonal items may also be available, such as jackets, sweaters, etc.

Most items are on a seasonal rotation or only as long as supplies last. Few of the items are available all year long. For this reason, and the fact most items are *Limited Edition*, we recommend viewing the donation shop often and ordering any items you like. Some designs may be repeated, but most will change each year.

Some of our items that are available year-round are pictured below. Click the pictures to be taken to the items page at the donation shop.

To view the complete SMM/RDRM Donation Shop for all the current available items and prices, Click Here. Be sure to bookmark or favorite the store and keep an eye out for sales.

Before making an order, please read through the donation shops Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Any Questions, Comments, or Concerns in reference to the donation shop, please direct to

More items may be pictured here in the future.
For a selection of eBooks, Click Here The list of eBooks will change (books replaced) and grow over time.

Jesus My Lord shirt

Christian Coffee Mugs

Mugs are *Limited Edition*. Every few months new designs are put up. The ones pictured may or may not still be available.

I Love Jesus Christ - shirt

Click image for details

I Love Jesus Christ - Hat

Click image for details

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