Recommended Viewing

Below are two playlists of recommended viewing. Some videos are on both playlists, but most are only on one or the other.

Some videos were created by Rev. Dr. Red, but not all videos were nor are all the videos hosted on his YouTube channel. If any video comes up as “private” or “deleted”, please let us know by emailing New videos are being added to the playlists often.

If a menu doesn’t appear to choose a video in the playlist, you can:

  • Fast-forward each video to the end to start the next video in the playlist;
  • Click the link below the playlist to open it in YouTube, from YouTube select and play video of choice;
  • Watch the videos in the order they exist in the playlist.

Not all videos are strictly spiritual in nature. Some are political. If you’re not interested in politics, skip (fast-forward past) the political videos.

Bible Videos:

(If the playlist doesn’t show, Click Here)


(If the playlist doesn’t show, Click Here)

Learn The Facts:

(If the playlist doesn’t show, Click Here)

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