Welcome to the OFFICIAL online home of Spiritual Messiah Ministries / Rev. Dr. Red Ministries – two names, one ministry, one cause.

This ministry does NOT preach mainstream heresy and hypocrisy. Any and all statements with the phrase “Christian and Jews” is referring to the Biblical Jews. Also keep in mind the commonly used definition of ‘Gentiles’ is a mistransliteration.

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Educating and Preparing Gods Army. Defending Freedom and Truth.
“The Churches/Ministries are our barracks, the Steeples are our helmets, the Crosses are our bayonets, and the faithful our soldiers, the Ringing Bell is the Call to Arms.”

The look and feel of the original website can still be found at SpiritualMessiahMinistries.com where our beginning is being archived.

SpiritualMessiahMinistries.org and SpiritualMessiahMinistries.com are both here to stay and will continue bringing you the Truth, the lost back to God, and news related to our brethren globally. The main difference between the two sites, is SpiritualMessiahMinistries.com may no longer recieve updates, but instead serve as an archive of the beginning of the ministry.

Also be sure to visit Rev. Dr. Red’s website at ReverendDrRed.com

For any and all posts you are interested in, posted prior to January 2012, please visit SpiritualMessiahMinistries.com for the archives. We are in the process of bringing duplicates of the archives here. We are working best we can to bring all the archives here. We are not looking to simply create and move our website, but to continue in our growth. Eventually the two sites (while linked to each other) will have two different purposes. The more Spiritual Messiah Ministries / Rev. Dr. Red Ministries grows and evolves, so will our websites and networks. All past posts can be found on SpiritualMessiahMinistries.com

Spiritual Messiah Ministries / Rev. Dr. Red Ministries is based in the roots of Jesus Christ’s message, Truth. If you are seeking the Truth, you have come to the right place.
Over the centuries Truth has been buried under lies and deceit. Scriptures have been removed from the Holy Bible, altered, and ultimately destroyed. The most accurate translation is the Tyndale Bible. Whereas you can find a free version for your mobile device or computer, paper copies cost thousands. The next in line at an word-for-word translation of a 90+% accuracy is the Authorized King James Version (KJV). Any printed translation past 1738 of the KJV is NOT an Authorized Edition, therefore not a KJV. This includes the 1881 KJV more popularly used in Catholic churches and the New King James Version (NKJV) series. They are using the authority and trust in the KJV name to spread the alterations that change the meaning of verses in the Bible and even go as far as taking the deity out of Christ. There are articles with this info in depth, search “Bible” in the search bar on this site and you will find the articles.

We must give fair warning that your journey into the Light will be an emotional rollercoaster ride as you discover just how much you have been lied to. Especially if you live in the West. We are all too familiar with this emotional rollercoaster ride, as we went through it ourselves. We are here to help you every bit of the way. With us here for you in the physical world and Jesus Christ guiding you from the spiritual world, you will be fine so long as you keep your faith and pray to Jesus daily.

If you are prepared for the Truth, we welcome you to read through our articles, watch the videos, and listen to the podcasts.

If you feel you are being called to ministry, click on the School of Divinity page, give it a read and apply for enrollment.

We hope you enjoy our site. Feel free to share our articles and videos, so long as you will be using the content for educational purposes.

If you have any questions, all you need to do is ask. Comment sections are below each entry, you may also contact us via the information on the Contact page

All references to Jews and/or Jewish people throughout these sites is in reference to the Biblical Jews.

Spiritual Messiah Ministries and Rev. Dr. Red Ministries are two arms or branches of the same ministry. Rev. Dr. Red founded both ministries simultaneously. Think of it as one ministry, one cause (that being preaching Truth and bringing the lost to Christ) with two names.

If you would like to join us here at Spiritual Messiah Ministries / Rev. Dr. Red Ministries send us an email or call for info. If you are a Pastor, or looking to become a Pastor and would like to help setup a branch in your area, Contact us. Numbers and emails are on the Contact Us page.

We will announce via this site in the Blog/News section, Rev. Dr. Red’s website (ReverendDrRed.com), AND a directory via our family of sites a location of a branch Church or Ministry office under Spiritual Messiah Ministries / Rev. Dr. Red Ministries near you.

[All OFFICIAL contact information and social media is linked on our websites, primarily on the ‘Contact Us’ pages. Please check our websites for official accounts and contact info if you wish to reach us and/or join us on social media: ReverendDrRed.com, SpiritualMessiahMinistries.org, SpiritualMessiahMinistries.com]

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