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We are always to be seeking God – forever learning. No matter how many years of schooling, number of degrees, or years of personal study are we to think we know or understand the entire message. Everyday something new is revealed unto us. Our entire lives we are climbing the mountain of Light from plateau to plateau. At each level of Light, we must learn the wisdom at that level and then climb to the next. Many of today’s denominations are perverse or stagnant.

If you see perversion or stagnation in the beliefs and teachings of your current church or ministry affiliation, or you yourself are being thwarted from attempts to bring your congregation to a higher wisdom of Light by your current church or ministry affiliation, you are welcome to join the ranks of Spiritual Messiah Ministries.

Our ministry is the only international ministry not bound by man-made doctrines or dogma. We do not focus strictly on one version of Christology or the other. We study all of theology. As we climb to higher plateaus of wisdom on the mountain of Light, it is reflected in our teachings. Doing so allows our congregants to continually grow in Christ.

If you would like to join the ranks of Spiritual Messiah Ministries, please send us the following information to
Name, Address, Phone, Current Affiliation.
If you are able and willing to bring your congregation with you to Spiritual Messiah Ministries:
Size of Congregation, Address of Church/Ministry, Phone of Church/Ministry

If your current Church/Ministry building belongs to your current affiliation, therefore meaning you will not be able to utilize it upon leaving the affiliation, your local branch of the ministry will begin as a Home-Church until such a time funds are available to obtain a separate building for purposes of the ministry.

We understand the transition may be a difficult one for some to make. You need not worry about this transition, as you will not be making it alone. If you found our ministries teachings to be enlightening, and are seeking to transition, it is no decision of your own. The weight on your mind to transition is coming from the Spirit of Christ guiding you to the next level of Light. Christ would not put you on a path He did not feel you are ready for.
As well as Christ being with you during the transition, so will we be. We will work with you every step of the way until such a time you feel comfortable taking charge of your local branch.

Upon receiving your inquiry of a move into Spiritual Messiah Ministries, we will go in-depth explaining the process and terms of becoming a branch of Spiritual Messiah Ministries.

Location is not a requirement for approval. You do not need to be local to our main location to join us.

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