Deciding to fellowship with us is no easy decision. Our ministry opened the doors April 6, 2011. Since then we have caused many a controversy as we tackle faith-based debates, heresy and fallacy that have become mainstream belief, and explain to Christian and non-Christian where and how they are wrong about the Bible.

Despite our controversial reputation, we have expanded internationally. Our members and fellowshippers are spread out all over the world in America, Canada, Europe, and Africa. We do not view our members and fellowshippers as “followers”. We are followers of Christ, not of ourselves or any other man. You do not see our buildings because we operate out of home-churches. Members of a certain field operate out of a members home. Services are in pastors homes.

We are a 100% legal ministry with recognition internationally. If you decide to fellowship with us, we will direct you to the closest branch to you. If one is not yet in your area, we will help you get one started. If you decide to take on the pastoral position, we will train and ordain you (some information is here).

To inquire about a local branch, or becoming ordained and beginning a branch in your area, please send us an email to one of the following:

We are a “come as you are” church and ministry. You may wear jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and sandals. All we ask is that you remove any hats and/or bandanas.

Rev. Dr. Red Ministries™

Spiritual Messiah Ministries™

Please include your Name and Address in the email. Put “Fellowship” in the subject line of the email.

Before sending an email inquiry of fellowship, please review the extent of our beliefs stated herein:

Messianic Spirituality Information (Please be sure to not only review this page, but also the linked pages therein explaining each part of the doctrine)

Statement Of Faith

After reviewing the above information, you may email an inquiry of fellowship.

We will send you an email response with address, directions, and service times of the branch local to you.

Keep in mind that Spiritual Messiah Ministries™ and Rev. Dr. Red Ministries™ are the same ministry. Two arms of the same ministry with slightly different methods of putting information out to the public, but one ministry nonetheless. One ministry, two names.

If a local branch does not yet exist in your area, and you rather not be trained to plant one, you may fellowship through our online services (blog posts, videos, podcasts, and other broadcasts).

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