Texts And Scriptures

Texts and Scriptures

What is stated here, as with the rest of the site, may shock many. Many will accuse of “false teachings” or suggest “occult” or “New Age”. Fact is that all of todays beliefs and accepted doctrines were paganized and carefully selected and edited to fit a paganized version of The Way. Today, Truth is seen as being pagan while that which is pagan is seen as Truth.

In our mission to get to the absolute Truth, and perfect walk in The Way, we carefully review all scriptures, history, and doctrines. In our research, history shows that as early as the 1st century AD many scriptures were altered. By the formation of the Catholic church in the 4th century, any doctrine in opposition to Romes faith was ordered destroyed. These documents are now being recovered and reviewed, though many may have been lost to history.

In light of these new discoveries, we use the following:

King James Version Bible – As every other Bible, the KJV was translated from the Roman Church version of the Greek, Hebrew, and Latin manuscripts. Not the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. Therefore, as with all other translations, errors are contained within. Truth is wrapped in lies of the Roman Church.

Gospel Of The Perfect Life – The original “New Testament” used by the early Church.

Essene Book Of Revelation – Another view, more literal than that of the modern Bible.

Book Of Jubilees – Also known as “The Little Genesis”

Gospel Of Peace

Gospel Of Truth

Epistle Of Barnabas

First Book Of Adam And Eve

Second Book Of Adam And Eve

Gospel Of Thomas – Sayings of Jesus

Pistis Sophia

Gospel Of Mary Magdalene

Book Of Enoch

[Other ancient Gospels that were used by the early Church may be found at The Spiritual Works Library]

The Urantia Book – | Click Here To Download (Desktop) | Click Here For Free Download (Android) | Click Here For Free Download (iPhone) | Click Here To Read Online | Click Here To Watch The Series | Click Here To Listen |

We do not neccessarily view any one work in higher regard than the others. They all have parts of Truth, as well as errors. We feel it important to take any and all works that contain Truth to be reviewed in ones search to fully understand Jesus’ message and properly walk with Jesus in The Way.

Educating and Preparing Gods Army. Defending Freedom and Truth.

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Additional information on the beliefs of Spiritual Messiah Christianity will be added shortly. If you have any questions as to what Spiritual Messiah Christians beliefs are, email spiritualmessiahministries@gmail.com, RevDrRedMinistries@gmail.com or reverenddrred@gmail.com We will be more than happy to address any information not yet posted here and go more in-depth on any information stated above. We welcome any and all questions and will answer the questions as quickly as we can.

If you wish to follow Spiritual Messiah Christianity/Messianic Spiritualism, or are a Pastor and would like to move your church from its current denomination to that of Spiritual Messiah/Messianic Spiritualism; please email us at spiritualmessiahministries@gmail.com and Spiritual Messiah Ministries will help you. Individual: we will direct you to a local branch of Spiritual Messiah Ministries (or another church of the Spiritual Messiah (Messianic Spiritualism) denomination). Pastor: We will help you make the transition from your current denomination to Spiritual Messiah (Messianic Spiritualism).

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