Grass-roots Ministry

Spiritual Messiah Ministries™ / Rev. Dr. Red Ministries™ and our organizations (Spiritual Truth Coalition™, Reds Revelations) is a grass-roots ministry. Now what exactly do we mean by that?

By grass-roots ministry we mean we operate similar to how Yeshua / Jesus Christ operated His ministry. Our main office and Church is currently ran out of Rev. Dr. Red’s home. We are expanding by members in other areas using their homes for services. Eventually we may have public buildings. We are also working with other Churches and Ministries. Any individual, Church, or Ministry is able to become a member of Spiritual Messiah Ministries™ / Rev. Dr. Red Ministries™.

Our goal through this grass-roots ministry “movement” is to bring America back to God, Christianity back to its roots, and finally the world to God. It is a rather simple defined task but one that requires much devotion and hard work.

We are not the typical Church or Ministry that America is used to. A ministry such as ours has not existed for approximately 1300yrs. We take our work very seriously.

Through our grass-roots ministry we are educating Pastors on how to de-corporatize so they may teach the whole Bible and Word of God. Its no secret the majority of Pastors are working with the govt agenda to kill off Christianity. Our ministry is a coalition or union of all Christians trying to bring Christianity back to its roots, bring America and the world back to God, and protect our people.

We are also an “evolving” ministry. By this we mean as a higher theological and scriptural understanding is reached, our beliefs will express such and relevant pages of this website and other ministry content will be updated accordingly. As the ministry reaches newer understandings, we will teach such to all members and newcomers of the ministry, students of our Divinity School, and all else who inquire about such.

Rev. Dr. Red has a program called Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives which is a combination of a blog and podcast providing information about spiritual, physical, mental, occupational, and financial health; and offers non-GMO products. 5% of the proceeds on all sales goes to putting non-GMO health products and foods into the hands of needy families.

For more info or if you would like to join us, email us at
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