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(Donations are secured through PayPal. You may use a PayPal account or Credit/Debit Card to make donations. This is a one time donation in any amount you choose. Additional donation options, including Venmo and Cash App, are below.
To make automatic monthly donations of $5, scroll down to the Donation section and click the “Donate” button to set it up; you may return to this page and stop monthly donations at any time by clicking “Unsubscribe”.)

Contact Us:

You can contact us a few different ways:
Please read the notice at the bottom of the page BEFORE contacting us. If you are contacting us on behalf of a church/ministry, please see if we have a contact in your nation before contacting the main location. Thus far, we have a contact for Kenya. If you are in Kenya, please contact the Lead Pastor of Kenya.

The Ministry:
Email: (Quickest form of contact)

Spiritual Messiah Ministries

Rev. Dr. Red Ministries
Twitter: @DrRedMinistries

Locals Page (Primary)

Click Here

Brand Page

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Post Mail:

Spiritual Messiah Ministries
PO Box 343
Crescent City, Florida 32112

(If we are unable to answer the phone, please leave a message. Missed calls with no message will NOT be called back.)

Rev. Dr. Red Conrad, D.D.:
Email: (Quickest form of contact) /
Twitter: @1Reverend_Red and @TheRevDrRed

Postal Mail:

Rev. Dr. Red Conrad, D.D.
PO Box 343
Crescent City, Florida 32112

Lead Pastor of Kenya:
Pastor David Ongori

Ogemba/Gucha District
Ongori Fellowship of Spiritual Messiah Ministries
Pastor David Ongori

Kenyenya District
Covenant Fellowship Church of Spiritual Messiah Ministries
Pastor Mokua Justus Gervas

Sotik District
Pastor Janet Jerono Kitur

If you wish to be affiliated with us, contact us at or

Your Donation is greatly appreciated.

You may make a one time donation in any amount with PayPal by clicking the button at the top of the page. You can use your PayPal account or Credit/Debit Card.

You may also donate a monthly donation of $5 by clicking the button below
(Monthly Donation option requires you to setup a PayPal account if you don’t already have one. PayPal processes all payments and keeps your info secure.):

Donate Button with Credit Cards

This is a recurring, monthly donation of $5. You may cancel your monthly donations at any time by clicking the button below:


To make a one time donation via PayPal:

To donate via Cash App, send donations to $RedConrad1 (Cash App account not required, may use Debit Card. If you’d like to create a Cash App account, click here) or scan QR code below.

Donations through Venmo: search or @RedConrad in the app or scan QR code below

Donations through Zelle: Click ‘Send’ then in the search bar, type
Most banks sites and apps have Zelle built-in. If not, you can download the ZellePay app in the app store.

Varo: Go to “Varo to Varo transfer” under “Move Money” and in the search bar type

Chime: Go to “Pay Friends” then in “To:” type in or Chime Tag $RedConrad

If you would like to donate via Google Pay, email us at for details how to do so.

You may send a USPS Postal Money Order (Money orders are to be made payable to William Conrad. NO Western-Union or Personal Checks) in any amount you wish to send (No amount is too small, ALL donations are greatly appreciated) to:

Spiritual Messiah Ministries
PO Box 343
Crescent City, Fl 32112


Rev. Dr. Red Conrad, D.D.
PO Box 343
Crescent City, Fl 32112

If you are donating via Postal Money Order, please make out all Postal Money Orders to Rev. Dr. William Conrad and mail to address above.

You may also check out the ‘SMM/RDRM Donation Shop’ where you receive an item of choice for the listed donation amount for the item. You may view the shop by Clicking Here

Your donations help keep the ministries websites and programs functioning.

Rev. Dr. Red is also running a Wellness Fund through Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives. 5% of all proceeds go towards the Wellness Fund. To view and purchase products, click here. To read more about the Wellness Fund, click here. There is also a Grocery Fund through Red’s Delivery Services to help needy families get groceries.

Thank you. God Bless.

NOTE: Some of the pay apps may only show a business or only Rev. Dr. Red. We will receive the donations. Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives is ran through the ministry, Rideshare Red, Red’s Delivery Services, and Power Swing Trading are all ran through Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives. Everything is interconnected and leads back to us.

You may claim donations to this ministry on your tax returns.

508c1a vs 501c3

Please do not send hate mail or anything of the sort, as it will be subject for submission to the authorities and will not be responded to. It is one thing to open a debate (if you wish to keep it more private then the blogs), it is another to explicitly show hate, threats, harassment, etc and will be submitted to the authorities and legal action will be pursued.
Solictitations will NOT be answered. Please do not waste your time or ours.

Email is the quickest way to contact us.

There are absolutely NO refunds on any donations, services, purchases of items, etc. for any reason whatsoever. All donations and purchases are final.

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